Real life stories

Being reliant on an orthotic device can be difficult at times. Seeing how others handle the situation and their everyday lives can contribute a lot to your own motivation. For more real life stories please visit our Youtube channel

Masohma - Reclaim your determination

With the C-Leg Masohma masters her daily life between a job as an interpreter, cultural engagement and house renovation with her boyfriend Franz.

Learn more about the C-Leg

Silicone partial foot prosthesis - Characteristics and foot rollover

With his custom partial foot prothesis Mr. Flugel decides by himself what he likes to do in his everyday life.

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Holger's unplugged adventure

Holger is an active guy who loves to be in motion outside and looking for new adventures. His Body-Powered arm prosthesis supports him during these activities by a huge benefit: Independence.

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Rio - Leg prosthesis for children

No matter if Rio is on the playground, in the classroom or joins the school sport - our leg prostheses for children are specifically designed for the needs of young users.

Learn more about the 3R67 Knee joint for children

George Rex - The Cycle of Life

In 2003 George suffered a stroke. Now he is recognized as one of the internationally most competitive T1 tricyclists. He is definitely unstoppable and maintains an impressive balance!

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