Upper limb prosthetics

Arm prostheses can replace the most important basic functions of the lost hand – such as opening and closing – as well as restoring the outside appearance. Ottobock offers a complete fitting spectrum for upper limb prostheses, ranging from cosmetic to myoelectric components.

Body-powered protheses

Body-powered arm prostheses are solid, robust and durable. They are especially suitable for amputees who want to pursue a high degree of physical activities with their arm prosthesis or who want to be fitted with a simple yet functional arm prosthesis for everyday tasks. The functions of a body-powered arm prosthesis can be controlled by movements of your shoulders.


Myoelectric arm prostheses

State-of-the-art myoelectric arm prostheses are highly functional and offer great benefits to active people of all age groups. You control this type of prosthesis through muscle contractions in your residual limb. This control system allows you to vary the intensity of your grip and control your hand position and wrist joint.


Custom aesthetic prostheses

The advantage of a silicone fitting is its high wearing comfort through its precise adaption to your hand shape. Furthermore, the prosthesis has a highly natural appearance because its colour and shape can be individually adapted to match your needs. The soft material is moulded to be thin at the edges for a very natural transition to the skin.


Michelangelo wearer Markus holds a tray at a party.

Real life stories

Read about other people living with limb loss and how their prosthetics limbs are helping them regain their independance and lead a more active lifestyle


Information for amputees

This information is intended to provide you with an initial overview of the prosthetic fitting process. It is a first step in helping you feel secure and confident in dealing with your new situation.


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